Friday, October 22, 2010

My Sweet Baby Boy.....

Can't believe how time flies, 16 years my baby boy was born and now he is on the road driving. This is a new stage in life for me. Hopefully we can get through this. I am not going to get any sleep from now on with him on the road. I feel he still has a lot to learn, but he has driven with me & Jason for a year. Just pray for his safety on the road and that he will make the right decisons from this moment on.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Sweet Mamaw

These past 2 weeks have been pretty numb. I lost my Mamaw on April 12,2010. A day I will not soon forget. My boys have taken this loss pretty hard. I have known that this day would come, but let me tell you. You can NEVER prepare for this. I was blessed to have went up to see her 2 1/2 weeks to her passing.
This is the last photo I got of her when we were up there.

I love you Mamaw

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The house is.....The Week has been....

Well the house got done for the most part. Now it is our turn to finish it up. We are putting a sump pump under the house and french drains on the outside of the house. The water is bad when it rains a lot. Oh speaking of rain, it is raining right now. We are flooded, but our gutters are doing there job, just wish we were super hero's and can get everything else done. Here is a before and after shot of the garage area and porch.

This week as been eventful. That dang stomach bug has hit our house. Monday I went to work and about noon felt horrible, got home in the nick of time. Around 2 that same day Peyton was sicker than a dog. Midnight David was sick. Poor Jason was having to take care of all of us. Gatorade here, Sprite here. He cleaned the bathrooms after we had both of them germed up. He sprayed Lysol on everything, opened the windows to try to help save him and Kyle. Well today is good. All 3 of us are feeling like ourselves, got the Christmas baking done. Jason and Kyle are still good.

Oh this past weekend we went to my Grandmas for our Christmas with the family, and Peyton had a Basketball Tourn. Well we did not get to play the Sat. games due to we were in Mt. Home, but Sunday he did get to help his team win the championship with 2 games and scored to tying point. He has been in a little slump with the shooting, but now is out. Yea Lakers :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Williams have been pretty busy with eye exams, dental exams, and basketball. I have decided to coach one more year. I am coaching Kyle's team and I have David as my asst. He is needing to be a little more vocal with the boys. They seem to be taking advantage of the fact that he is young. But I do have a good set of boys this year. They are all 2nd grade and one that is K.

David has failed his permit test twice so he is still having to study for that. He is biting at the bit to drive. We have told him to study for 3 weeks and then we will try this again. So he did not go this past Friday and will not this. His Dad has told him that if he doesn't study he will not get to go after that. So we will see. He is doing great at school, as is all the boys. The shopping with David is not fun, he wants clothes for Christmas so he will know everything he gets. At this age I have learned you do not buy any type of clothing unless they approve it. So today from 10 to 3 we were shopping and he only got 3 things. I thought a girl would be worse. NOT :)

We are also getting our house a face lift. We are putting siding and guttering up so every week I have been painting the porch and the garage door. we still have a little to do until the men are here to start. They are starting after Thanksgiving. I love to paint when you can make a mess. After the siding is up no one will know I made such a mess. NICE.

I will have to remember to take b/4 and after pics of the house. It will be so nice after this is done.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well he's 15

David is now a year older and has been trying to take he written permit test, but the day of his b-day they were closed. This past Friday we were flooded so she could not get here. We are going to try this Friday. YEA! Also this Halloween was different, my son was with his buddies and they all had girls. They watched scary movies. When I picked him up I was talking to the girls and they were all going to go make the boys take them to see twilight when it releases in just a few weeks. I was dying laughing inside because and the boys agreed. What they do for the girls. The girl Dave likes is really cute. I will post pics of his party soon. We just have been extremely busy and the computer at home is not getting turned on as much.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am so proud of Peyton. He is my one that is soooooo emotional. He takes almost everything to heart. When I was pregnant, I have the ultrasound picture & he is sucking his thumb. When he was born he was not 30 minutes old and he is sucking his thumb. He has always carried a blanket and sucked his thumb. Two weeks ago we said goodbye to blankey. He struggled at first, but now is doing great. I think he as just attached his self to a bigger blankey, but he does not carry it around like he did the other. The thumb, well I can't cut it off. We are still working on that. He has been going to therapy for his social anxiety and depression and having to be perfect on everything he does. He is doing really well and they are going to release him in 2 weeks. They told me if he starts showing signs we can always revisit them. We have procedures to do when he gets into the mood of failure. I am just proud that he has given up this blankey. We took pics. Look at the shape this blankey was in.....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Day Ever

Well on October 7, 2009 my son got baptised. Though to my great surprise my husband joined him and he got baptised himself. It was a double blessing. This whole week has been great, I have been on a spiritual high. My son is growing up. My friends have taken some pictures for me and I am waiting on them to get email to me so I will post some later. I have been reading a daily devotions for the season and on the day my son and husband decided to become one of the Lord the devotion for the day was "Welcome to the Forever Family". How cool was that. I am going to tear this page out and put it with my son's book, so he can remember. I was sadden that none of my (or Jason's) family came to this. I did have many friends that joined us from our church family to really close friends that are consider family. The feeling of the joy I feel for my son is so great. My son and I have talked, right now (should I say for the past week) we are both working on our relationship. We have not argued, he is listing to me as I am to him. I am working on giving a little as for he is suppose to not argue if I have a strong feeling about things I don't want him to do. This is a good place to be at with my son, I do know that we will have several bumps in the road, but for now it is wonderful.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Why are teenagers lazy?? They never used to be as a child. You will definitely know when your child is going through these years. If they have a chance all they want to do is sleep. Getting them up in the morning is the hardest thing to do. That is when it seems all the arguing start.

My teenager has been complaining that his room stinks. Let's see sweat & a handful of teenagers in a room closed up. They toot ,(fart), burp, eat and leave behind soda cans under the bed or in the closet. It is a whole new world for me. Today Jason and I cleaned the mess out of his room. We pulled the bed and vacuum every single corner of the room, cleaned the curtains, blinds. Pulled out 4 pillows. Oh yea there were 8 pillows in his room. We found socks, gum, underwear under the bed. So he can't complain now that he has no socks. I have done all his laundry.

I don't know exactly how he is going to react when he gets home from work today. The window has been opened all day with his bedroom door open. I hope he enjoys all that his dad and I have done.

On a good note, he has decided to become one of the Lord. He will be baptized this Weds. I will be posting some pictures of this journey. Even though my family can't be there, I have a friend that will be there to take photos for me. I am really a proud momma. This is a great blessing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a week

Let's see Sunday night got sick, thought I was getting the flu or a bug of some sort. Monday woke up and my throat was killing me. Didn't really think nothing of it. Tuesday got up and oh my I was not able to swallow, so I went to the dr. Strep throat, great. Well stayed home Weds to get some much needed rest. Though I had a rash all over. Still today the rash is there. I am really ready for this year to be over with it. 35 is a hard age for me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The rain held off

We all got to start our fall sports yesterday. The weather looked like rain, but it held off until today. Peyton's team won there football game. Also David worked in Cabot for the first time. He is growing up and making money on his own. He is spending it right now, but next year will be a little different with an insurance payment to drive. Right now he is only paying 15 dollars a month for his texting on his phone. Boy can teenagers text. He had 6000 in one month.

So far so good for all the boys and school. Nothing major has happened, everything is going smooth.

Jason and I had our first softball game Thursday night. I pitched, Jason played the outfield. We didn't win. We have 2 games this Monday. It is kinda neat when you kids get older and you get to start doing things with other adults once a week. Though is does mean I am getting older and the body just isn't the same as it was when I was young.